MATELDA s.r.l.  has grown an high experience in trading of wooden poles used for vineyards, orchards, fences, urban furniture and gardening.

MATELDA s.r.l. purchases the wood strictly from certified entities, for the safety of the quality of the timber.


The choice of the wood has been made from certified entities. The tree of the pine will be cut and sent to the factory for the works procedures. The raw poles then will dry in the drying chamber, reducing its percentage of moisture down to 25%; at this stage, the poles will be placed in autoclaves for the treating system, with the best preservatives liquid salts on the market today.

Our range of products is open wide and customizable in order to satisfy every customers’ needs.

All our products are packed in pallet in order to easy the movement, the delivery is made with trucks in order to reach any destination.


The choice of the wood is made directly from the Portuguese’ government entities.  The tree of the pine will be cut and sent to the factory for the works procedures. The wood will dry naturally down to around 20% of moisture, then the timber will be placed in autoclaves where it will be treated with preservatives liquid salts of 26Kg for each M3 of wood. At the end of the treatment, the poles, are put in a chamber of steam in order to fix the preservatives salts.

The advantages of the maritime poles are:
– Bigger area of treatment
– Better defense from rotten threat
– Longer lasting life.



The round poles are debarked on the entire length in order to obtain a smooth surface.
Also the round poles will be treated in autoclaves in second or fourth class depending on the final use of the poles.
We produce poles from diameter 5 to 14 centimeter and a maximum length of 6 meters.
Also we offer round poles with holes. Typically used for fences..




Matelda srl offers also this type of poles made of the chestnut tree which has the following advantages:

  • The wood it is not treated
  • Entirely natural
  • Can be defended only with the burning of the area where it will be in contact with the soil.

We remind that the chestnut wood is totally natural, not particular good looking poles, and it can be used for organic vineyards and orchard.

We supply any length and diameter in order to meet the customer’s needs.


The wooden poles for anti hail systems, are poles used for support the protection net against the bad weather: for example heavy rain and hail.

They are indicated for the ease of laying and for their natural flexibility and stability in the soil.

The poles used for support the net can be both Sylvester pine and maritime pine wood