Matelda s.r.l. is a company specialized on road transports for third parties both national and international with a various types of vehicles.
Our trucks are equipped with various type of trailer such as: boxed trailer for express services or value goods, tautliner (courtainsider)trailer for industrial services and jumbo swap bodies truck.

Matelda s.r.l. is aware of the environmental situation of nowadays and therefore we have entirely new fleet of 92 trucks of the latest generation EURO 5 and EURO 6 environmentally friendly and also 150 trailers.

All our trucks are equipped with double GPS geolocation satellite system, in order to control the exact location of the truck in real time. Furthermore we do offer a level of security from the Vanini scale.

Our personnel is available h24 for any issues regarding the transports and technical assistance.

Matelda srl stands among its competitor for its efficiency on performing daily express routes, with double drivers, in the following countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Netherland, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and on request other countries such as east Europe and Baltics nations.

We also guarantee absolute confidentiality in the service and a serious collaboration with all our clients, respecting all the commercial conditions agreed.


Matelda offer trasports for third parties for the whole country including islands. Our services can be express/value transports equipped with two driver per truck or industrial transport services.
We can place more than one trailer or equipment at our costumers facility in order to give an high level of service and flexibility in order to meet any client’s needs.


Matelda S.r.l. offers high quality transport services in whole western Europe and on request other countries such as eastern Europe and Baltics nations. We have the know-how on performing international transports and all the issues related on crossing country’s border. Thanks of our experience grown during years we know how to perform with professionalism European routes.
We perform third parties daily international transport services on the following countries:  France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, UK, Slovenia and on request other countries.


Matelda s.r.l. offer express transport services with single or double drivers for short or long distances based on client’s needs. All the express transport will be performed with the maximum attention and care of the timing of the journey, and at the same time, respecting the road and drivers European laws.
we offer express/value transport services both national and international countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, UK, Slovenia, Croatia and on request other countries.


Matelda s.r.l. performs professionally daily scheduled lines, for both national and international. Those services are performed with specific equipment tailored for the specific client with specific drivers.


Matelda s.r.l. has entered in the garments on hangers G.O.H. transport services with brand new equipment trailers only used for this type of services.

We have invested in this growing sector in order to differentiate our business and integrate these services in our network.

We offer G.O.H. transport services nationally, and from Italy to all Europe.